IDF: Hamas is Planning a Massacre


On Sunday, The Israel Defense Force released a video declaring that Hamas was planning a “massacre” of Israeli communities bordering Gaza on May 15.

The video, released on the IDF’s official twitter account, stated that armed Hamas terrorists were planning to breach Israeli borders along with 250,000 rioters in a coordinated swarming attack.

Israeli-Palestinian relations have deteriorated recently due in part to a six-week long campaign of Palestinian protests on the Gaza border. “The Great March of Return” protest is part of a Palestinian effort to return to what they view as their homeland in modern-day Israel.

The protests have gathered mainstream attention across the world due to the escalating violence taking place on both sides. The violence has so far resulted in the deaths of 48 Palestinians including two Palestinian media journalists, Ahmad Abu Hussein  and Yaser Murtaja. In response, Palestinian protestors have used low-tech weaponry including stones, crude explosives and incendiary kites to great effect, starting large fires in Southern Israel.

The IDF has referred to the protests as “riots” and has warned they are leading up to a coordinated attack that is set to take place on May 15, or “Nakba Day.” May 15 is the day after Israel declared its independence and is known in the Arab world as the “day of the catastrophe.”

As Israel braces for May 15, it is also preparing to handle protests in response to the U.S. embassy opening in Jerusalem this week. The IDF has mobilized thousands of troops to prevent violence in potential hot-zones across Israel.


By Hunter Gomez | The Foggy Times