New Details of U.S.-China Trade Deal

Washington (TFT) – Early Monday morning, President Donald Trump announced new details of a potential U.S. – China trade deal.

While a trade war was recently called off by Chinese and U.S. officials, specifics on the new emerging trade deal have been tightly kept. In a series of early morning messages, President Donald Trump announced via twitter specific benefits American’s could expect from an accord that is still in the negotiation phase.

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While it is not certain whether the details announced by President Trump will be guaranteed in a finalized agreement, they do represent positive news for American farmers who overwhelmingly supported President Trump in the 2016 election.

In a joint statement released by Chinese and U.S. officials, on May 19, both the United States and China agreed to make efforts to “substantially reduce the United States trade deficit in goods with China.” This includes boosting two-way investment, increasing American energy and agricultural exports and advancing amendments to Chinese law and regulations to protect American intellectual property and patents.

The Sunday announcement of a trade war ceasefire by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin on Fox News spurred the Dow to jump over 300 points as investors moved to cash in on the positive economic news.

The Foggy Times | Hunter Gomez 












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