President Trump Lights Up National Christmas Tree

Washington (TFT) – With First Lady Melania at his side, President Donald J. Trump officially lit the National Christmas Tree on the south lawn of the White House on Wednesday, November 28th.

The evening ceremony was brisk, but that did not stop large crowds from gathering to see the American tradition that first began 96 years ago.

The first National Christmas Tree (1923)

Originally put up by the D.C. public school system, the first National Christmas Tree was given permission to be placed on the south lawn by former First Lady, Grace Coolidge. Since then the lighting ceremony has come to be recognized as a joyous national focal point, bringing people together even in tumultuous times.

940 tree
The 1940 National Christmas Tree

Starting in 2008, the National Christmas Tree swapped traditional lights and candles for LED lights, for an energy savings of nearly 50%. The LED powered lights carried on through the Obama administration and continues now with the Trump administration.

2008 tree
The 2008 National Christmas Tree

The lighting of the tree is not the only tradition that surrounds the November ceremony. Since 1923, the Secret Service has been present at each event since Calvin Coolidge was in office.

Secret service

“Since the inaugural National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony in 1923, the Secret Service has been there to protect the First Family and all those in attendance. Today is no different, because protection never rests. #NeverMissedATreeLighting” the Secret Service released in a tweet Wednesday evening.

Shortly after the ceremony, President Trump released the following Christmas greeting.

The Foggy Times | Hunter Gomez 

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